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Guess Who’s back?

Spoiler alert:  it’s not me. Or it is. I’m not really sure and  don’t really feel that I can be held accountable for my decisions, thoughts or actions at this point in my life.  I certainly cannot be depended upon to: hold to a schedule say things and then follow through with them shower on a regular basis eat less… Read more →

Shout It Into The Void

My feelings have always been larger than my life.  Music was one way I was able to let them out into the world. My first car was this ticket to freedom and it came with a soundtrack which was loud and ever present.  I would travel, at unfortunate speeds and with reckless derring do, the many highways that blanket Houston, projectile… Read more →

When You I Feel

Photo credit: gagilas / Foter / CC BY-SA When your entire family resides in the super duper industrial sized state(otherwise known as Texas) and you reside in a smaller, greener, hipsterer state(Oregon) travel becomes a familiar routine.  When you’re forty almost five.  When you’re five and a half, it’s more of a familiar chaos.  Seeing different people you know and… Read more →

Top Ten {ish} – Who I Am and Why You Should Care

In another life, on another blog(don’t read it, it’s ugly and picture-less and spam link-ridden) that was felled by my own lack of motivation and then by a band of blood-thirsty hackers who desecrated every post with spam links for ordering illegally obtained Viagra on the internet or where to get low risk cash advances(spoiler – Fantasyland, right next door to… Read more →