Health{ish} – Donut Count Me Out Yet: Adventures in Clean Eating

I recently found an Instagram for a blogger who cooks super healthful and delicious looking vegetarian food.  Of course I jumped right over to add her blog to my Feedly.  The first post I read was about how she had reached her goal weight by eating healthfully and exercising.  Yay for her!!  So awesome!!! Then I read her stats and… Read more →

Fridays are Fluffy{ish}

I have seventeen half-finished drafts and a mind that skitters ferociously from one topic to the next wanting to share all the thoughts and feelings I have burbling inside, but unable to sift through the sludge and extract a single topic thread. I want to talk about race.  About gender.  About The Walking Dead and Empire and Blackish.  About parenting.… Read more →

Winona Fever

  I was looking up pics for another post and I fell down the Johnny loves Winona oubliette.  While I was able to see that Johnny was a handsome fellow, I was more full on obsessed with his 21 Jump Street partner Doug Penhall in all his feathered hair, acid washed jean jacket and big, brown puppy dog eyed glory.… Read more →

Ermahgerd Hermskerl – Is Homeschooling For Dummies Like Me?

When my friend told me years ago that she was planning to homeschool her kids, I was deeply concerned.  And being me, I voiced those deep concerns.  About the thing that every non-homeschooling person that ever lived is concerned about.  Say it together now, friends and neighbors, SOCIALIZATION.  I also worried about her sanity, being trapped in the house all… Read more →