Friday Faver – NYC

 Twin towers   H&H bagels Magnolia Bakery pastel colored, vanilla buttercream cupcakes.  People watching in Washington Square in fall.  Channa roti from India House in Park Slope.  Bodegas.  Bodega cats.  The Union Square holiday market.  The warm puff from the subway doors on a blustery winter night.  Midtown Comics.  Goodfellas pizza.  The strangers that help carry kids in strollers up… Read more →

You Are Necessary 

    You are a rare and beautiful creature and there will never, ever be anyone else just like you.  I have been there. Often. It’s hard and it’s terrifying, but it doesn’t last forever. It gets better.  The bravest thing is to keep living when you really want to be done. Be brave. Keep on. Reach out. You are necessary. … Read more →

Friday Faver – Week the One

I’m into stuff. Also, junk. Occasionally, things. Oftentimes, occasions. I also dig people, places, things. Oh, I said things?  Well, these are these other kind of things. Here are the kind of things I dug this week.  Booky book – The Giant’s House by Elizabeth McCracken Oh man. This book was so good. There was sobbing, there was wrenching of… Read more →

The Old Gray Mare

Blogging ain’t what it used to be.  Even way back in aught nine when I started, it was too late for what I wanted it to be.  I’m typically an early adopter, but that’s slipping away from me as I grow older and more calcified and as the form of entertainment and culture continues to morph and transform like a… Read more →

Culture{ish} – Three Days of Rain

Three Days of Rain stars Lisa Datz, Silas Weir Mitchell and Sasha Roiz.  It runs through June 21st at the Armory through Portland Center Stage. So, I’m a Frister to a family of gorgeous weirdos.  One of those gloriously weird, yet undeniably smoking hot fristers has a major THING for this dude that is on this teeny, tiny show called Grimm.  I mean,… Read more →