Winona Fever

  I was looking up pics for another post and I fell down the Johnny loves Winona oubliette.  While I was able to see that Johnny was a handsome fellow, I was more full on obsessed with his 21 Jump Street partner Doug Penhall in all his feathered hair, acid washed jean jacket and big, brown puppy dog eyed glory.… Read more →

Twist of Awesome

You. Guys.  I was assembling a Spotify 70’s Easy Rock playlist because of the old and this magical nugget popped up.  Was there ever a more gloriously angelic pairing as “Jan Thozomas” and “Olivier Nicheems“?  I think not. Consider this Hump Day hurdled.   joules 68 Posts | Member since 2012-08-17 I’m a 44 something Scorpio who does not at all enjoy… Read more →

Shout It Into The Void

My feelings have always been larger than my life.  Music was one way I was able to let them out into the world. My first car was this ticket to freedom and it came with a soundtrack which was loud and ever present.  I would travel, at unfortunate speeds and with reckless derring do, the many highways that blanket Houston, projectile… Read more →

Lena Dunham – My Kind of Girl

Lena Dunham has caused quite a stir and a ruckus with her book.  What’s that you say?  A literate, intellectual progressive young chick who has no fear of showing her boobies to the world on the weekly, sharing the ins and outs of her mental illness whilst challenging preconceived notions regarding feminism, sexuality and motherfucking fashion is kicking up dust?… Read more →

Was Birdman Good?

Ooh, you saw Birdman?  Was it good? Was it good?  No, I wouldn’t really say it was good.  Not in the way of, OH EM MOTHERFUCKING GEE, I LOVE that movie, it was so GOOD.  I recently watched Obvious Child with my fristers.  That movie was good.  Like go rent it right now and throw all of your money into… Read more →