Was Birdman Good?

Ooh, you saw Birdman?  Was it good? Was it good?  No, I wouldn’t really say it was good.  Not in the way of, OH EM MOTHERFUCKING GEE, I LOVE that movie, it was so GOOD.  I recently watched Obvious Child with my fristers.  That movie was good.  Like go rent it right now and throw all of your money into… Read more →

Gesture! Halp!

I have thought about suicide almost every day for the past thirty years. Does that sound a mite dramatic?  Sort of a Heathcliff-on-the-Moors, seventh grade, will-he-ever-notice-me type angst? Because that’s not what I’m going for here.  But if we’re going to be honest as fuck honest(and let’s, shall we?(Aside: are you supposed to punctuate between parentheses?  Capitalize?  I spend far… Read more →

Feed Yer Head – Readathon the First

I love books.  I mean, I really, really love them.  Like love them so much I’d marry them.  Or at least many of the characters between their hallowed covers.  My first love was Sydney Carton.  Which probably says a lot about me as a romantic partner. Reading was my primary addiction.  At age four, I taught myself to read.  Soon… Read more →

When You I Feel

Photo credit: gagilas / Foter / CC BY-SA When your entire family resides in the super duper industrial sized state(otherwise known as Texas) and you reside in a smaller, greener, hipsterer state(Oregon) travel becomes a familiar routine.  When you’re forty almost five.  When you’re five and a half, it’s more of a familiar chaos.  Seeing different people you know and… Read more →