Do the Dew. Ey’s. 24 Hour Readathon. Or Don’t. I’m Not Your Book Boss. But I Could Be For a Nominal Fee.

Zomg, y’all.  I read books. El Capitan Obvisauce reporting for duty, right? If you’ve gleaned anything from the sparse tumbleweed zone of this here blog or any of my socially awkward media outposts, it’s probably book related.  This weekend(Saturday 5amPST-Sunday 5amPST, to be ridic specif about it), I’m reading for fun and super fun happy social times for Dewey’s 24… Read more →

Facebook: The Ultra Annoying Wind Beneath My Wings Who Rants About Politics And Care Bears

Photo credit: Fucking Facebook, AMIRITECANIGETANAMENHOLLABACKGURL. I tried to quit it, but it pulled me back.  Who run the world?  Marky Z, that’s who. All of my son’s activities connect through Facebook groups and without an account, I would not have the fresh 411 on all of his extracurricular shenanigans.  Which blows.  Because I love a good shenanigan.  But I… Read more →

Guess Who’s back?

Spoiler alert:  it’s not me. Or it is. I’m not really sure and  don’t really feel that I can be held accountable for my decisions, thoughts or actions at this point in my life.  I certainly cannot be depended upon to: hold to a schedule say things and then follow through with them shower on a regular basis eat less… Read more →

Kicking It

zoomar / / CC BY-NC-SA Y’all, blogging is dead.  I wish it wasn’t, but it just is.  Unless you’re a brand or the seller of wares/goods/services or a selected few of the OGs, ie Wil Wheaton, The Bloggess, The Pioneer Woman, blahdiddy, blah, blah. It used to be this fun and cool way to make friends and influence people,… Read more →

I Readathon ‘d

I didn’t start on time and I had a big break due to previously scheduled happenings, but for the most part I DID IT BITCHEZ. My husband says, you stayed up all night and read. I say, I challenged myself to do something a little crazy and I did it.  I did what I love to do for the better… Read more →