Health{ish} – Donut Count Me Out Yet: Adventures in Clean Eating

I recently found an Instagram for a blogger who cooks super healthful and delicious looking vegetarian food.  Of course I jumped right over to add her blog to my Feedly.  The first post I read was about how she had reached her goal weight by eating healthfully and exercising.  Yay for her!!  So awesome!!! Then I read her stats and… Read more →

Toffee and the Blondie

I’m re-posting this from my previous site because it is still a pile of smoking rubble and I want to have access to this because I miss my damn friend and because I require toffee to maintain my essence.  If the volcano gods are listening(my kid said that they live there and he knows they’re real because he saw it… Read more →

The Awesome List

Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens, bright copper kettles and warm woolen mittens.  I think we’re due for an update on this dusty old chestnut.  Not the movie Sound of Music(shut yo mouth), although there was some travesty on teevee last year starring that country chick from American Idol.  I mean, beautiful woman, great singer, but how do solve… Read more →