Health{ish} – Donut Count Me Out Yet: Adventures in Clean Eating

I recently found an Instagram for a blogger who cooks super healthful and delicious looking vegetarian food.  Of course I jumped right over to add her blog to my Feedly.  The first post I read was about how she had reached her goal weight by eating healthfully and exercising.  Yay for her!!  So awesome!!! Then I read her stats and… Read more →

Health{ish} – Why Cleanses Are Bullshit

Photo credit: mhobl / Foter / CC BY-NC-ND Hey there, beautiful human!  Have you cleansed lately?  Because you have a glow about you.   If you are a cleanse-lover for health-related reasons or to drop five quick pounds, more power to you.  If you love denying yourself or enjoy the feeling being an empty vessel, that’s cool too.  Whatever tingles your… Read more →

Top Ten {ish} – Who I Am and Why You Should Care

In another life, on another blog(don’t read it, it’s ugly and picture-less and spam link-ridden) that was felled by my own lack of motivation and then by a band of blood-thirsty hackers who desecrated every post with spam links for ordering illegally obtained Viagra on the internet or where to get low risk cash advances(spoiler – Fantasyland, right next door to… Read more →