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Health{ish} – Why Cleanses Are Bullshit

Photo credit: mhobl / Foter / CC BY-NC-ND Hey there, beautiful human!  Have you cleansed lately?  Because you have a glow about you.   If you are a cleanse-lover for health-related reasons or to drop five quick pounds, more power to you.  If you love denying yourself or enjoy the feeling being an empty vessel, that’s cool too.  Whatever tingles your… Read more →

Friday Fiver – Get Rid Of A Migraine Without Drugs

Photo credit: aldoaldoz / Foter / CC BY-NC-SA Oh, how I love the fall.  Sweater weather, cozy blankets, steaming cups or bowls of delicious concoctions, the sound of dry leaves skittering down the street with the howling wind, HALLOWEEN. What I do not love about fall, particularly fall in Oregon, is the fluctuation in the barometric pressure.  Which is a… Read more →