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Throwback Thursday – Where I’m From

Photo credit: Great Beyond / Foter / CC BY-NC-SA I am from cornfields and big puffy clouds skating across giant skies.  I’m from late night  lock-ins at Skateland and cookie pops from Westroads.  I’m from the freedom of sliding down into an elephants belly while shopping for Garanimals and Tuffskins.  I’m from afternoon sunlight slanting through glass onto a wooden rocking… Read more →

Wake Up Call Wednesday – Words Can Hurt

Last night I had a wake up call talk with one of my fristers™(friend sisters), otherwise known as the mean one or, my bitchster.  Being a frister™ instead of a full-blooded sister, she doesn’t have the venom for me that a shared history provides, and doesn’t often direct that meanness towards me at any time.  I also(thanks to the bloodless frister bond,… Read more →

Top Ten {ish} – Who I Am and Why You Should Care

In another life, on another blog(don’t read it, it’s ugly and picture-less and spam link-ridden) that was felled by my own lack of motivation and then by a band of blood-thirsty hackers who desecrated every post with spam links for ordering illegally obtained Viagra on the internet or where to get low risk cash advances(spoiler – Fantasyland, right next door to… Read more →

Remembering 9/11 With Gratitude

Thirteen years ago today, I got out of bed late and missed my ferry into Manhattan.  I was on my way to family court in Brooklyn with a giant case file under my arm(no, no, no, social work newbs) and a monumental case of irritation and irrational concern that the judge would be angry at my lateness.   When the… Read more →


Have you ever had one of those days where you feel are averaging negative three-thousand points in the parenting department?  Like you are worse than Hitler probably would have been had the world been unlucky enough for him to procreate?  Worse than Dina Lohan or Joan Crawford or Courtney Love?   Have you ever had one of those weeks, months, years, ad… Read more →